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Basic Information

Click here for more information about the history of stained glass.

Choosing your stained glass
When choosing a piece of glass there are many things to keep in mind:

Glass can be hung centered in a window from hooks or glass can fill most existing fixed windows and then trimmed so it looks like it's built in or glass can be made into a light box that hangs on any wall as a piece of art.

Glass comes in many colors, textures and styles. See the links below to view the many choices available. If you're having trouble deciding, we can help design your piece to make it perfect.

Care of your glass
Never hang your glass from a suction cup. If the suction breaks, so does your glass.
Clean your glass with regular glass cleaner and a soft cloth

    Our favorite places for glass selections

Sunshine glass

Delphi glass

Y glass

Brennan Glass Studio

Warner CavallaroAnything In Stained Glass

Prices vary based on the color, size, detail and framing choice of the piece.  You can plan on approximately $30-50 per finished square foot, framing additional.  Call or email for an estimate.