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Hi Jim; I want to thank you once again for the incredible transformation of my kitchen. Thanks to your expert carpentry skills and artistic eye I now have a one of a kind custom kitchen. The bulkhead soffits are gorgeous with all of the trim that you personally cut, painted, and put together. Everyone who see my kitchen wants your card!. It was really nice to have one person do the entire remodel. Electric, plumbing, carpentry, flooring, lighting, backsplash tile (and helping me to pick it out), installing the there anything you can't do? LOL. It was such a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your hard work, reliability, and how you go the extra mile for your clients. I look forward to getting the stain glass light cover you will make for the light above the kitchen sink. I know it will be a work of art and the finishing touch for this beautiful kitchen. I am available to provide a reference if you ever need one.  A truly satisfied customer,
Mary Saladino

Jim has completed extensive remodeling of my home and landscaped the property. He transformed our home into a comfortable and attractive property, which I receive compliments on all the time. He is a professional, pays attention to detail and has come up with a number of innovative ways to change outdated features that I would have never thought of. I just contacted him to take on another project and look forward to the results!!

Kathy Tehan 5+ Rating

Check out his work ! Amazing !  

Donna Matthews 5+ Rating

Jim just completed numerous projects at our home over the last three days and we are very pleased! The Customer service is outstanding! Jim's work ethic and personality set him apart from all the rest! If you are looking for a company that does excellent work we highly recommend Adam Solutions! We have already scheduled to have him back! Thanks again Jim!                                    Karla Marshall 5+ Rating

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My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did in remodeling my kitchen. You deserve to be recognized for your outstanding work not as a handyman but as a professional artist. The extra time and effort you put on the job were certainly appreciated. It was a joy watching you work with such enthusiasm as you took time and watched every detail so that the job was perfect and met all my expectations You were always on time and very thorough in your job performance, the extra effort you put in your work were certainly appreciated. I will definitely keep you as my own handyman and will recommend you to all my friends. For the first time I felt compelled to give testimony for a job well done. Thank you for your talent, job performance and honesty. I look forward to my next project. This is truly a satisfied customer.

Ivana Di Vasto

Jim remodeled and updated my 2 family house (older city house) he did an awesome job!!

Very talented with his work!! Looks 100 times better!! Thanks again!!

Lisa Vadney 5+ Rating

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